Errol Flynn at Dodge City premiere (1939)

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Some technicolor footage of Errol Flynn in “Dodge City” for the premiere of the movie of the same title. April 1, 1939 (x)

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Errol Flynn in Jamaica during the summer of 1948.

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Errol Flynn photographed by Juan Gyenes, 1950s.

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Errol Flynn arriving to Dodge City for the premiere of the film, April 1, 1939 (x)

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Stars descended on Dodge City 75 years ago for movie premiere


Betty Muncy, now 94, was a University of Kansas sophomore in 1939. Her hometown was Dodge City, and her father, Jess Denious, was the owner and publisher of the Dodge City Globe.

She remembers coming home for the event and sitting in on a luncheon and press conference when the stars arrived. “I brought two girls home with me; we had a big time,” Muncy recalled last week from her home in Dodge City. “My dad had so much to do with the organization of the events.”

Muncy remembers that she and her friends had “great seats at the luncheon,” held in Dodge City’s Lora Locke Hotel, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. She was awestruck by Flynn. “He was very nice,” Muncy said.

But she also noticed he chain-smoked throughout the meal. When the luncheon was over and the stars had left, Muncy said, she quietly went over to Flynn’s ashtray and took the cigarette butts. “I got a bunch and took them back to school with me,” she said.

At KU, the college women were willing to pay 25 cents a puff to put their lips where Errol Flynn’s had been, Muncy said.

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Errol Flynn, Sun Valley, 1939.

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Errol Flynn, 1938

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Errol Flynn and his dog on the set of Never Say Goodbye (1946)

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